Thursday, November 9 at 10am - 2480 Old Clifton Rd. Springfield, Ohio

Thursday, November 9 at 10am - 2480 Old Clifton Rd. Springfield, Ohio

Bruce Latimer

Public Auction


Located at 2480 Old Clifton Rd. Springfield, Ohio. From Selma Pk. turn south on Old Clifton Rd. to right on Old Clifton Rd.(dead end).


Thursday, November 9 at 10am


* Antiques * Local Rarities *


WPA water can, early Tremont City rubber fire bucket #7, cast iron door stops, Zippo lighters, license plates, large collection of postcards & papergoods, "The Home Store" Springfield, Ohio wood scooter, Kelloge wall telephone, tin type photography, Springfield signs & advertisement, framed 1852 map of Springfield, Ohio Altschul's jug, rare miniature "metal casket" casket in vault sample, quilts, old highway maps, political buttons, old puzzles, Cottage Bakery wood chest from Springfield, master mix chicken feeder, pendants, IH memorabilia, brass umbrella holder, local nail aprons, posters, farm machinery, antique toys, dolls, metal train & track, literature, small beer barrel, milk bottles, Schlitz beer light, plus lots more Springfield and local memorabilia. Still lots to got through. Just a partial listing.


Note - A lifetime collection. This will be the first of many auctions. You don't want to miss it.  


Terms - Cash or check w/ proper I.D. Credit card w/ 4% convenience fee.


Seller - Bruce Latimer