Having an auction? Thinking about it? Let us help!

Here are the answers to the most often asked questions.

1. What are my costs for having an auction?

Commission, advertising, and set-up.

2. What commission to you charge?

Personal property on the premises is 15% commission. Commission covers auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, tables, and boxes.

3. What does advertising cost?

Newspaper ads are still an efficient and common form of advertising. We will also advertise your auction online at Mumma1910.com, Auctionzip.com, & social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We will show you in black and white what your advertising bill was and you will pay exactly what we pay. Not a penny more!

4. What are set-up costs?

As mentioned above in question #2, we will furnish tables, boxes, and show you how to set up your auction. If you would like our professional staff to set-up your auction or just to help you move items, our charge is $10 per hour, per person. We can do as much or as little as you want.

5. What happens in bad weather?

Naturally if it is a nice day most if not all the items will be taken outside. In bad weather, floor coverings are put down to protect carpeting. TENTS can be put up at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

6. How are small valuables like jewelry, coins, etc., protected?

We furnish glass, lockable showcases for both protection and viewing.

7. What about items left after the auction?

Items left after the auction can be picked up by an agent of the seller's choice. We can help arrange this at seller's expense which is to be determined by the clean-up/hauling company.

8. Are there any up front expenses?

Absolutely not. When you get your money, we get ours! Final settlement will take place within 5 business days of the auction, usually sooner.

9. Who makes the list and writes the ads?

We do it all!

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